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Thread: What do you think was the greatest Giants play of all time?

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    the eli manning to david tyree play probably is the greatest play in nfl post-season history. im sure the 72 dolphins will agree with me lol
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    Are all great plays famous ?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morehead State View Post
    It was definitely a famous play. But there were greater football plays made in huge spots.

    4th and 17 was just a super clutch play. Made to perfection in a hostile environment.
    Ehh, greatest play does not have to be the most technical, it just has to be that - the greatest. Eli escaped like he was Houdini and Tyree jumped as high as he could to secure the ball on his helmet. It was not fluky, it was CLUTCH all the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercurio View Post
    1. Tyree catch
    2. Half Time Hail Mary to Nicks against Packers
    3. Cruz 99 yard TD
    4. Eli to Manningham sideline catch.
    5. Hynosaurus end zone celebration.
    You have a Hynoski TD in the regular season of a non playoff year, as a top 5 greatest play????

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    Forreaal Doee ^^ lol

    It was a unique celebration, but not by any means a great play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
    BS THERE IS. How is a regular season game more important than the SB or more clutch?If it's not the greatest it's not famous.You don't get the 4-17, it doesn't affect the season. It has nothing to do with whether they planned it. We're talking about greatest play, not greatest "planned" or greatest "executed"play that they planned. Eli sees tyree and tyree catches it. 0 luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
    You have a Hynoski TD in the regular season of a non playoff year, as a top 5 greatest play????
    It was something good to remember about the end of that season. His 1st TD & a celebration unequaled in NFL History.

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    The greatest Giant play that I ever saw is not even on that list -- Ingram's 15 yard reception in SB 25 in which he had to avoid 3 to 5 tackles in order to pick up the extra 7 or 8 yards on a 3rd and 15.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway Blue View Post
    I will say the David Tyree catch was the best catch and the greatest play I ever seen
    This one and maybe the Roger Craig fumble. Both were crucial plays that went in favor of the Giants and changed the momentum of the game they happened in. Both led to great things.

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    maybe not the greatest giants play of all time but atleast one of the greatest hits in giants history. like madden said, that is football. look at that mouthpiece go flying. just epic.

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