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    Quote Originally Posted by YATittle1962 View Post
    I'd be lying if I said I did not get emotional on every one of those plays

    but I am shocked that Sehorns acrobatic interception against the Eagles is not on there ....they were down 10 - 0 I believe when it happened
    that was a nice play...much better than when he lost his pants
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    Quote Originally Posted by BerserkerSleeps View Post
    yea both steve smith and brandon jacobs plays, i was holding my breath before the hike. i thought brandon was going to get stuffed. he barely got that first down!!!!
    just barely.....that final lunge as he was going down crossed the line to gain

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    The Ingram catch and 1st down was indeed awesome. There are a lot of clips that should be in there. However, I enjoyed it mostly for the older clips that paved the way to how this organization is today. We can have an entire clip on Burress completely dominating Al Harris in the 07 NFCCG.

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