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    List of alll players Jerry Reese has lost and signed in free agency

    More accurately all signings by Giants of players from other teams and gone from Giants to other teams, whether the original team cut, couldn't resign, etc. This does not include Giant players the previous year that were re-signed by the Giants.

    Reese took office (was inaugurated) on Jan. 15th, 2007.

    Players signed before free agency started (March 12) were not on the active roster of an NFL team at the end of last season and thus eligible to sign (futures contracts).

    Information culled from KFFL.com Free Agent List here:

    Salaries for 2013 signings from http://www.spotrac.com/

    2013 (Partial list)
    Free Agents Lost...... Free Agents signed.....
    Curtis Painter - QB (from Bal) 1/03 1 yr/$630k
    Martellus Bennet - TE (to Chi) Michael Jasper - T (from Ten) 1/03 2 yr/avg $450k
    Chris Canty - DL (to Bal) Bobby Skinner - DL (from Det) 1/03 2 yr/avg $450k
    Will Blackmon - CB (to Sea) Kevin Hardy - WR (from NO) 1/03 2 yr/avg $450k
    Kenny Phillips - SS (to Phi) Trumaine McBride - CB (from Jax) 1/03 1 yr $630k
    Chris Degeare - T (from Ten) 1/08 1 yr/$480k
    Bryant Browning - G (from Cle) 1/08 2 yr/avg $450k
    David Caldwell - SS (from Ind) 1/08 2 yr/avg $1.05million
    Ryan Mundy - FS (from Pit) 1/14 1 yr/$715k
    Kris Adams - WR (from Ind) 1/15 2 yr/avg $510k
    Buddy Jackson - CB (from Was) 1/25 2 yr/avg $450k
    Jamie Childers - TE (from StL) 1/25 2 yr/avg $450k
    Jake Rogers - K (from Dal) 1/25 2 yr/avg $450k
    David Buehler - K (from Dal) 2/13 1 yr/$630k
    --Free Agency Starts--
    Aaron Ross - CB (from Jax) 3/12 1 yr/$715k
    Cullen Jenkins - DT (from Phi) 3/12 3 yr/avg $2.667m
    Josh Brown - K (from Cin) 3/13 1 yr/$940k
    Dan Connor - LB (from Dal) 3/16 1 yr/$715k
    Louis Murphy - WR (from Car) 3/16 1yr 1 yr/$715k
    Brandon Myers - TE (from Oak) 3/16 4 yr/avg $3.5625m

    Free Agents Lost...... Free Agents signed.....
    Darius Reynaud - RB (to Ten) Kregg Lumpkin - RB (from Sea)
    Danny Ware - RB (to TB) Ryan Torain - RB (from Wash)
    David Douglas - WR (to TB) Martellus Bennet - TE (from Dal)
    Mario Manningham - WR (to SF) Sean Locklear - T (from Wash)
    Brandon Stokely - WR (to Den) Paul Fenaroli - C (from NO)
    Devin Thomas - WR (to Chi) Shaun Rogers - DL (from NO)
    Jake Ballard - TE (to NE) Stevie Brown - FS (from Ind)
    Ra'shon Harris - DL (to Hou)
    Dave Tollefson - DL (to Oak)
    Antwaun Molden - CB (to Jax)
    Aaron Ross - CB (to Jax)

    Free Agents Lost...... Free Agents signed.....
    Plaxico Burress - WR (to Jets) David Carr - QB (from SF)
    Sinorice Moss - WR (to Phi) Andre Brown - RB (from Wash)
    Steve Smith - WR (to Phi) Chris Hogan - WR (from SF)
    Kevin Boss - TE (to Oak) Isaiah Stanback - WR (from Sea)
    Jamon Meredith - OT (to Pit) Ben Patrick - TE (from Ariz)
    Barry Cofield - DL (to Wash) Steve Weatherford - P (from Jets)
    Ayanga Okpokowuruk - DL (to Cle) Tony Ugoh - OT (from Det)
    Phillip Dillard - LB (to Car) Stacy Andrews - OG (from Sea)
    Gerris Wilkinson - LB (to Jax) David Baas - C (from SD)
    Ra'shon Harris - DL (from Pit)
    Jimmy Kennedy - DL (from Min)
    Justin Tryon - CB (from Ind)
    Derrick Martin FS - (from GB)

    Free Agents Lost...... Free Agents signed.....
    David Carr - QB (to SF) Jim Sorgi - QB (Ind)
    Shayne Graham - K (to NE) Darius Reynaud - RB (Min)
    Anthony Bryant - DL (to Wash) Devin Thomas WR - (from Car)
    Danny Clark - LB (to Hou) Shawn Andrews - T (from Phi)
    Kevin Dockery - CB (to StL) Jamon Meredith - T (from Det)
    C.C. Brown - SS (to Det) Keith Bullock - LB (from Ten)
    Brian Jackson - CB (from Jets)
    Deon Grant - SS (from Sea)
    Antrel Rolle - FS (from Ariz)

    Free Agents Lost.............. Free Agents signed.....
    Derrick Ward - RB (to TB ) Gartrell Johnson - RB (from SD)
    Marcus Monk - WR (to Car) Allen Patrick - RB (from Cleve)
    David Tyree - WR (to Bal ) Shaun Bodiford - WR (from GB)
    John Carney - K (to NO ) Andrew Carnahan - OT (from KC)
    Tutan Reyes - OG (to Hou) Rocky Bernard - DT (from Sea)
    Jonas Seawright - DL (to Dal) Chris Canty - DT (from Dallas)
    Renaldo Wynn - DL (to Wash) Michael Boley - LB (from Atl)
    Rashad Barksdale - CB (to Jets) Kelvin Smith LB - (from Mia)
    James Butler - FS (to StL) D.J. Johnson - CB (from Den)
    C.C. Brown - SS (from Hou)
    Aaron Rouse - SS (from GB)

    Free Agents Lost......................... Free Agents signed......
    Nick Jones - C (to Sea) David Carr - QB (from Car)
    Reggie Torbor - LB (to Mia) Kay-Jay Harris - RB (from Mia)
    Kawika Mitchell - LB (to Buf) Marcus Monk - WR (from Chi)
    Gibril Wilson - FS (to Oak) Danny Clark - LB (from Hou)
    Rashad Barksdale - CB (from KC)
    Sammy Knight - SS (from Jack)

    Free Agents Lost................. Free Agents signed.................
    Tim Hasselbeck - QB (to AZ) Anthony Wright - QB (from Cin)
    Visanthe Shianco - TE (to Minn) Madison Hedge**** - FB (from St.L)**
    Luke Petitgout - T to (to TB) William Buchanon - WR (from Oak)
    Chris Claiborne - LB (to Jax) Lawrence Tynes K - (from KC)
    Frank Walker - CB (to GB) Kevin Boothe - G (from Oak)
    Will Demps - FS (to Hou) Marcus Bell DL (from Det)
    Manuel Wright - DL (from Mia)
    Torrance Daniels - LB (from Phi)
    Kawika Mitchell - LB (from KC)
    MIchael Stone - SS (from Hou)
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    Wow. We're actually really good at getting rid of the right people at the right time.

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    c.c. brown and aaron rouse. my god what a nightmare.

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    Hell, I don't remember 3/4's of that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat_bastich View Post
    Hell, I don't remember 3/4's of that list.
    Yeah, yet people actually freak out and are in a panic over what happens. Seems like two of the most steady pickups were the kickers.

    And if you stack the drafted and undrafted free agents against the free agents, you can see how overrated free agent pickups and losses are, at least for the G-Men.

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    No one Reese has released or allowed to get away has EVER done anything after they left us. #inreeseItrust

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    Quote Originally Posted by wado1 View Post
    No one Reese has released or allowed to get away has EVER done anything after they left us. #inreeseItrust
    Cofield is doing alright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
    Wow. We're actually really good at getting rid of the right people at the right time.
    Agreed looks like he knows what hes doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat_bastich View Post
    Hell, I don't remember 3/4's of that list.
    Haha, me neither man, most were 4th stringers and practice squaders.

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    Thanks for the list GreenZone. Other than Carr i dont remember any of the free agents signed in 2008.

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