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    Bob Papa is awesome! A man after my own tastes. Giants football and Boxing!!!!

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    Bob Papa is the man. A Giant among Lilliputians

    Seriously, who doesn't get Fired Up when He yells " TOUCH DOWN GIANTS " . ( My son and our family go nuts too. But if we were announcers, we couldn't yell it any better than Papa ). He shows His fandom when we make a FG, and says " True Blue ". The NFLNET was a fool to let Him go. His loss is our gain. I haven't felt so good about our broadcasting team since Pat Summerall and John Madden were calling Giant games. Carl Banks gives us a players guide as to what is really happening on the field. Kudos to both.

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    I like Bob, and you can hear him most mornings on Sirius NFL Channel. Considering just how much he is around the Giants, he's pretty reasonable and not a mega-homer.

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    I have heard Papa on the radio a few times, when I used to live up in Jersey. I have watched him some on NFL Net during preseason Giants games. I like him as our guy. He does not act like a homer like some of these other commentators.

    Trust me, living in Tennessee, one guy I cant stand on the radio or TV is the Titans commentator, Mike Keith. He is so biased and one-sided, moreso than any other commentator I have listened to in any sport. Keith goes way overboard when the Titans do something well, but when the other team scores a TD or registers a sack, he is the polar opposite. I have called him out on it in the past, via email, but he could care less about my opinion--LOL!!

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    Bob Papa calling the Burress TD and **** Lynch yelling TOUCHDOWNNNNN gives me chills and watery eyes every time lol

    Papa and Banks going crazy when Tynes hit the FG in GB is pretty epic too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    Eh, no opinion really. I like Carl Banks though since he knows football. Btw on the website there's a section called "Eisen's Mailbag" I don't know who he is but his answers to question are useless.
    Eisen was the old John Schmelk. In any case, his "mailbag" as they have been calling it for years is useless. I remember back when Tiki was having fumbling isssue and it was Fassels last few years, his responses were generating a lot of heat. Everyone thought he was too soft to say anything bad about the Giants blah blah

    Papa has much better presentation/announcer skills than Carl Banks. I love Bob Papa. Carl too

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    Quote Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
    He's the play by play commentator for the giants and he's always on giants vids on the giant site.but I never hear him being mentioned on this boards. What is the general opinion of him? I know people like Carl banks who is the color commentator but I don't anything about papa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
    Ha! This made me lol.
    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    In the immortal words of Shannon Sharpe: Papa ... Bada beeda bobba papa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruunch View Post
    In the immortal words of Shannon Sharpe: Papa ... Bada beeda bobba papa?
    oh man... hahaha i can hear him now

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