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Thread: Guard at 19?

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    Guard at 19?

    With Boothe still unsigned and recent signings, could Reese pull the trigger on Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper in the 1st round? I know Ogletree is the popular pick, but the last time the Giants drafted someone that was widely predicted was Kenny Phillips.

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    Nicks was widely predicted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCHOF View Post
    Nicks was widely predicted.
    I remember alot of the Jerseyians pining for Britt over Nicks on these message boards

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    Can't say I can get behind a Guard at 19, not saying that in round 3 wouldn't be a good spot...

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    Those 2 were the last ones with a high grade of predictability.
    This year ? Not a chance. IMO there's a few needs to fill so the possibilities of targeting someone are not that high and every draft someone slips thru the cracks, Reese doesn't shy away from pulling the trigger on high value players.
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    Warmack & Cooper are worth the 19th pick.. don't think either will be there though

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    I stand by the fact that Boothe will sign. As fans we want to fill glaring needs but the reason R picks are not widely known is he takes best player available.

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    Given that Reese has filled virtually every hole in the line-up with at least someone equal to or better than last year's team, I have to think it's going to be BPA again all the way through. Even given the relative lack of depth and quality starters on the OL, I think there will be no special push to get a lineman.

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    I think Barrett Jones in the 2nd is a great value.. or Warford

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    I think Barrett Jones in the 2nd is a great value.. or Warford

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