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    The OP was talking about Ojomo jumping over Tuck and Kiwi to start. Seriously? There were 14 offensive players and our punter ahead of Ojomo on the defensive stats. They only let him on the field for a handfull of special teams plays. The coaches apparently aren't seeing the "amazing talent" this guy has. Of course, they don't get to suit him up against third stringers waiting to be cut every week either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue1971 View Post
    Ojomo has certainly improved from last year even tho he didn't play much at all! he appears to have talent the question is....when to unleash it! I think he will be in the rotation this season!
    I just don't see what you're basing any of this on. They haven't had an OTA or anything else since last season, so to say he's improved from last year doesn't make sense. His "talent" was displayed against really bad competition in pre-season. So far, the coaches haven't had the confidence in him to let him do anything but a handfull of special teams plays, and he produced zero tackles in those. Realistically we have nothing but a few pre-season performances to judge his talent, and those types of performances can be very deceiving.

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    Where does this put Kiwi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinfarmer View Post
    If anything, Tracy has the better opportunity to getting more reps than Ojomo. I'm not even talking about starting either.
    ^this... Although we have all been rooting for Ojomo since the preseason there has to be a reason the Coaches didn't put him on the field, especially with the pass rush struggling much of last season..

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