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Well, and I'm just going to prove your point here, the entire offense didn't do well. To single out one guy when everyone else seemed to suck as well just seems a tad unfair.
I mean, compared to 2011, Cruz's yardage total dropped by around 500, right? Well, Eli's total dropped by 1000. Did one guy hurt the other or did they each Plax themselves in the foot?

It's a difficult argument and I'm not sure that there's a correct answer. For every "alligator arms" argument, there's a "mile-high overthrow" rebuttal.

Ultimately, it's always going to boil down to opinion.
In regard to the "aligator arms" argument, it is hard to justify 10 million per season which is top WR money for a guy that did aligator arm some critical plays for a number of games after taking a hard and completely clean shot from Ryan Clarke. We were given a gift on the penalty they called on Clarke because that was a clean hit. It is kind of hard to demand top WR money when you short arm it after that. Hakeem Nicks doesn't short arm it.