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    Osi to Atlanta deal all but done (details not disclosed)


    Looks like Osi is off to the ATL, which isn't too much of a surprise. I know there is a lot of love/hate for him here on the forum but I wish him well. Good move for both teams in my opinion.

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    One of the few long time Giants that I am not sorry to see leave. I wonder if they plan on using him on running downs?

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    It was time for him to go, didn't seem like he was happy here and most were not happy with his play.

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    good luck and thanks Osi.....I dogged you many times for your BS but all in all you made many huge plays for the Giants and were a big part of the two SB seasons.
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    See ya Osi, thanks for the memories, you were a great Giant, a true champion.

    Now that he is over the hill, I see this move as addition by subtraction.

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    How long before he starts complaining about his contract?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fletch842 View Post
    How long before he starts complaining about his contract?
    He's complaining about it, and he hasn't signed it yet.

    ...Seriously, good luck Osi.

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    Thanks Osi, and good luck. Atlanta is a perfect fit for you.

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