Ok I was going to post another mock after the combine but before free agency started. But I decided to wait to see what may or may not happen in the initial wave or 2 of free agency. I was stumped a few times, so I created 2 mocks, I will post the 2nd mock in a separate thread.

So here goes---all constructive criticism is welcome. I based my picks on several football sites, some vids and analysts blogs etc.

1. Sheldon Richardson DT--Missouri
2. Kyle Long G/T--Oregon
3. Jonathan Bostic LB--Florida
4. Dwayne Gratz CB--UConn
5. Michael Buchanan DE--Illinois
6. Rodney Smith WR—Florida St
7a. Zac Stacy RB--Vanderbilt
7b. Rogers Gaines OT—Tennessee St

The only pick the same as my initial mock before the combine is Zac Stacy. Though we don't necessarily need a WR, if Smith is there in the 6th rd when we pick, he can be the Giants next "tall" WR project---low risk pick there. And Rogers Gaines is a local kid down here in the Nashville area. He might develop into a decent back up, maybe makes the PS.

FIRE away fellow fans!