Hi. Iíve never purchased tickets for MetLife Stadium before. My friend and I are interested in seeing Giants-Broncos when they are slated to play during 2013. Iíve started hunting around for single-game tickets, although in most cases I havenít been able to find any available yet. When I do find them, though, I definitely want to pay as close to fair value as possible. Can anyone give me a ballpark idea what this might be, so I can recognize it if and when I see it, and not get ripped off? Iím looking for semi-decent seats Ė by no means the best that money can buy, but certainly not in the nose-bleed section either. Is this going to be possible for under $100 to $200 Öor am I living a pipe dream? Like I said, Iíve never done this before (no football games, or any other pro sporting event either for that matter). Thanks to anyone who responds with some insight!