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Thread: Is it just me? Has any else noticed...

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    Tank is a legitimate first round talent, probably top 10 if he was healthy.

    Hes a better player than Werner, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nygon3 View Post
    Has anybody else noticed that from the pre-combine pre and post-combine mock drafts have us taking a player that nobody else is taking in the first round. Example: Tank Carradine at 19 for the Giants... If we dont select him there, he is not mocked to any other team in the first round. I have seen this with three other prospects as well such as Werener before his stock rose and got him back into the 1st round discussion. Does this display a propensity for the Giants to take gambles on players in general but especially in the 1st round? If we didnt take JPP how much longer would he have sat on the board? Nicks dropped all the way to us because of weight issues, but it seems we take chances on greatness imo... Your thoughts Gentleman?
    There were numberous reports that JPP would not get past Tennessee who was picking 1 pick behind us. I think they had brought him in 2x for interviews. He was rated by all the top analysts as a top 20 prospect. We did not reach.

    Virtually every Scout had Nicks rated no lower than the 2nd best WR in the draft and a couple guys, including Kiper (I know ppl hate him but I give credit where credit is due) said he was the best pro prospect at the WR position. Fruthermore everyone has him mocked to us because it was widely known we met with him a billions times between the combine and the draft.

    Tank carradine is being mocked to us because he is a physical freak in the same way JPP and Ansah are. Ansah will likely be gone but the next biggest freak is Carradine. Furthermore, his knee injury is reportedly not a severe tear and had he actually completed the year he might be a top 2 prospect at the DE position, maybe even #1. People know about Ansah's 40 time and how freakish it is for a guy his size. But make no mistake, Carradine at almost 280 lbs carries almost no body fat, has 35 inch long arms and benches 32 reps of 225. That is every bit as freakish as Ansah's 40 time. Furthermore, he has good game tape and production. I honestly think he would be ahead of Ansah on boards had he not been injured. Ansah is a freak with ok gametape and production. Tank is an equal freak with good gametape and very good production. So teams are just going on our past history of looking for that JPP type, which quite honestly I think Tanks is more JPP like than Ansah.

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    that knee is the difference between tank going in the first or sliding a bit like he probably will.

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    I've never heard anyone suggest that Reese gambles in drafts before. The guy trusts his board, every year you hear the same thing from him. "There were several players we wanted to take when our pick came up, I think we've taken the right guy" or something to that effect.

    He drafts based on value, and yes need factors into that value. But Reese will always pick the better prospect over the more immediate need.

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    Never said Reese takes gambles or we reached for JPP and Nicks.. If you guys can read i clearly was saying the media suggests that we do that.... Dont shoot the messenger

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    If he was healthy he would certainly be in the high first round consideration, the question is the injury something that will hold him back. It is a risk and that is what I think some of the draft boards think when they have him going in the 2nd round.

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