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    If Barkevious Mingo was there at 19 would you take him?

    Could he be the Strong side LB that could make a difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    Could he be the Strong side LB that could make a difference?
    Without a doubt I would. Yes if Kiwi could play LB Mingo who is far more athletic absolutely could. Mingo actually graded towards the top of the LB's in the physical tests at the combine. Mingo while a risk for sure would give the Giants the edge rusher they lost in Osi , while moving Kiwi to the back up DE role, and upgrading the LB's all at the same time. To me he is the ideal pick for the Giants but I also have a thing for edge rushers
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    Absolutely. With JPP moving to LE, it even gives him more opportunity to get more rushes in nickel packages.

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    yes.. yes I would, start him out at SLB.. if he bulks up then he's a DE
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    Of course u would have to consider Mingo at 19, as his upside is top 10 pick and were picking 19th, so theres alot of upside and potential of getting sensational value there.. I would still take Werner if both were there, but if Werener would be gone, Mingo would be up there on personal rankings if he was on board.. I don't see it though.. I think hes a member of the New Orleans Saints come draft day..

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    I would like the pick

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    I'd prefer Werner

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    Yeah, it would be nice to have him in a Von Miller capacity. Was that the Giants intention with Sintim?

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    The Giants would use him right and that would be to utilize him like the Seahawks employ Bruce Irvin in their 4-3. He's even faster off the snap when he's standing up from what I've seen and if you have him exclusively play the edge (on the outside shoulder of the LDE), he can wreck havoc with his explosion and natural ability to turn the corner. He's much more fluid in space than Bruce Irvin is so you get more out of him by dropping him back into coverage too. I've seen a lot of hate for him in various forums because of his "lack of production" but he was asked to contain more this year at LDE and he faced constant double teams as well. The kid still produced a ton of pressure.

    The fact he is a Bruce Irvin with more upside tells me he won't make it to 19 but you never know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahh View Post
    Yeah, it would be nice to have him in a Von Miller capacity. Was that the Giants intention with Sintim?
    The position is a lot closer to that of a DE than people think especially when primary contain is given to the safeties and occasionally the corners. Sintim was given a role to be a playmaker, but just looked absolutely hesitant to do so, even when he was healthy.

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