I am sure this has been beaten down....but we need this guy.</P>

People close to him say hes a quiet and not so bad kid, just very passionate about winning and very competative. He doesnt have off field issues, hes just a monster on the field. Hes very agressive and plays with reckless abandon much like Suh.</P>

I think he will be a dominant MLB and will wreak havoc behind our good DL.</P>

Vick would be scared to run against us.</P>

He would definately solve alot of our issues as LB, he has the agressiveness and beastly intensity as an LT or Ray Lewis/Suh....its not like hes out getting in trouble off field, he just likes to bust heads.</P>

The only LB id want over him would be teo but hes not gonna be there soim crossing my fingers we get this kid.</P>

Hes reckless but we got some good guys here on defense that could keep in somewhat in line, like tuck, Boley etc.</P>

PLEASE JR.....PLEASE....get us this kid... LT pt2</P>