[quote user="Spizi"][quote user="slipknottin"]Have any of you actually watched him play this year or are you just watching highlight videos on YouTube?

He was downright awful this year, in between his personal foul penalties you got to see him look completely lost, misread plays constantly, and just show his instincts are really subpar.

He is nowhere near being an elite prospect. Maybe in the 3rd or 4th round, no way would I draft him sooner.[/quote]

At some point you have to say though if this guy has a 9 minute highlight film on youtube he has to have some serious talent.[/quote]

12 games a season excluding bowl games...3 seasons=36 games

60 min a game * 36 games=2160 min

9 minutes out of 2160 min in his career..figuring he hasnt played every min obviously..

still leaves you in the 1k's at least...

no not very hard to acquire 9 min of good footage LOL