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[quote user="slipknottin"]Have any of you actually watched him play this year or are you just watching highlight videos on YouTube? He was downright awful this year, in between his personal foul penalties you got to see him look completely lost, misread plays constantly, and just show his instincts are really subpar. He is nowhere near being an elite prospect. Maybe in the 3rd or 4th round, no way would I draft him sooner.[/quote]

well, i disagree, i think he will be the best LB out of this class. Teo will be a beast and i would of preferred him if he came out this year....but this guy is the only other LB i would want. I dont see what you saw. His numbers were down...but he didnt play awful. He did get held out of alot of games due to his agressiveness but his head coach was also a softie

[/quote] I never saw anything from him this entire season that showed he should be anywhere close to being a 1st round pick. I'd take Kuechly without a second thought[/quote]

I think alot of us would LIKE Keuchly, but im speaking value here. Keuchly, we would have to move up to get and move up alot and thats not going to happen with JR. Burfict could and likely will fall to us and worst case if they felt they wanted him bad enough, wouldnt have to move up much to get him.

Id prefer not to move up, but we HAVE to come out of this draft with an impact LB, and after Kuechly, Hightower and Burfict, there isnt much to speak of IMO.

He has ideal sideline to sideline speed for a 4-3, tons of agressiveness and motor. Hes not a headcase, just needs good players and good coaching staff around him.

I think this kid in the right situation could win DROY easy.

[/quote] What your getting with Burfict is Potential Outside of that the guy was really a non factor this season If you Draft Burfict your hoping he lives up to his potential and glimpses hes shwon becasue quite frankly hes been bad this yr

C'mon now. I mean I know he hasn't been great and his play hasn't warranted a 1st round pick but it's not like he's a bad player. Production-wise a 2nd rounder but potential wise he's definitely worth it in the 20s.[/quote]
His 2010 production is 1st round quality.

His 2011 production is 6th-7th round quality.

The Primary stat for a MLB is tackles:
- He was 3rd on his own team in tackles in 2011.
- He was 26th in the Pac12 conference in tackles
- 18 LBs, 7 DBs and 1 DLman in his own conference had more tackles than VB.

His stats vs quality opponents against good teams were significantly diminished. He was a non factor in their bowl game this year, except that is for his 1 personal foul.

Speaking of that, he did lead his conference in personal fouls. In fact he led the nation. He must be a team player too because he was so good in this category he helped his team be the most penalized in the country(by a LOT.)

If you look at 2010, there is a good bit to like about him. If you look at 2011, there is a lot to hate about him.