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    What are your guys' opinions of him? From what I can see, it's pretty much all positivity which is something I like to see. I know he's a bigger back, but does he have another gear or is he just a North - South runner pretty much?

    Also, just to quickly clear something up, Bradshaw would be the fastest in the group in all likelihood.

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    well he's going to a good organization so good for him

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    Who said he was coming back?
    There have been many overworked and overdone threads but I haven't seen that one.
    I wish him well with the Steelers. He will be an upgrade for those nutty RB's they have/had there.
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    I don't give Bradshaw much chance of making an impact on the Steelers. He had trouble with the timing of the offense with the Giants because he missed so much practice time. Running into blockers, cutting it back when seams were available, showing no patience, etc. How's he going to incorporate into a new system if he's not available for practice most of the time? I just don't see him transitioning to ANY team well. Last year really solidified it for me: the guys who are healthy enough to practice all week are the guys who should be playing Sunday.

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    im sorry. i dont see the fit. unless pitt wants a completely unthreatening run game. bradshaw, redman, and dwyer aint breaking any long runs. bradshaw will get u 20 if that...seems like Pitt is gearing up to really use a power run game bc they have 3 backs who are quality physical runners. i guess their thinking is the rbs will be bruised up and its best to have a stable of them so they can keep rotating when necessary.

    i mean dont get me wrong, bradshaw isnt gonna be a slouch or nothing. but i seriously doubt he breaks 1k, all likelihood they'll rotate when needed who knows tho. i just dont get why pitt wouldnt want a homerun type threat to add to redman and dwyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIPSET_ALL_DAY View Post
    If he passes his physical, both sides will agree to terms per NFL Network, just seen it on TV so I have no link. I think that'll be a good fit for him.

    Good for him. I think he could bring a dimension the steelers lack at this moment. Great fit IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G-Men Surg. View Post
    Good for him. I think he could bring a dimension the steelers lack at this moment. Great fit IMO.
    Agree 100%. Great fit, just like Osi in Atlanta.

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    One things for sure is the players over there want him on their team. Ryan Clark spoke out about him and this is Antonio Brown getting a picture after he got his physical. He left without a deal but reports are they're still very interested in signing him.
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    I wish him well. Hope he stays successful and healthy....
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    Injury prone RB on the Steelers. Match made in heaven.

    Good luck AB. You were one of my favs.

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