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    I'm not even so sure he's their pick in the second. He just does not look like what they value in their offensive lineman. You can't adjust your entire blocking scheme for your RT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulj View Post
    As of this moment, the only position without a starter is RT.

    Based on McShay's opinion of the draft, and IF all teams select players at a need position,
    many players that most of us like are already oof the board,
    and IF the following players are projected to be on the board when the giants pick at #19,
    (DE Werner, CB Rhodes, OG Cooper, RT DJ Fluker),
    he has the Giants selecting massive RT DJ Fluker.

    I know many ppl dont like this but i would understand.
    I would hope we went with any of the other three and select a RT in either round 2 or 3 instead!

    Mcshay is a clown and does not undestand the giants draft philosophy. they will not select an OL, especially a guard in the 1st. This pick will be D all the way. there is too much OL value in this draft and not enough in the 1st unless your talking a premier OT, which I feel there are none of in this draft.

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    I'd draft Menelik Watson before i drafted DJ Fluker.. I think Watson fits this team more and has more upside and fits our mold of lineman more so then Fluker.. I don't care what anyone says, Fluker was the worst lineman for Alabama this yr, and i don't trust em..

    I think Brewer has a legit chance to be the RT this yr anyways.. Coming outta Indiana, he was raw and had all the measurables along with athletic ability, but needed his technique refined, which dosen't nessecarily have to happen with on field snaps, as it does with working with NFL personel for 2yrs and practicing with NFL players for 2yrs... This is the yr most expected brewer to play anyways...

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    fluker has TERRIBLE footwork in pass pro. we wouldnt take him in the 1rst id bet anything. and even tho typically u want ur RT to be a mauler in the run game, and Fluker is that, we need pass protection from the RT.
    In college, his length allowed him to engulf the pass rusher. dunno if he can get by solely on that bc the second he starts getting into a backpedal, the play might as well be blown dead cuz the qb is getting hit.

    IF the above scenario is what plays out on draft day, and i believe it could bc I KNOW 1 of Cooper/Warmack/Johnson will drop. and that will be our pick. If Coopers there, ZERO shot we pass him up...Boothes a 1 yr deal remember. and Brewer was drafted to be our RT. LG is a bigger hole than RT bc we have the future on the roster which we dont have at either G spot really

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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinfarmer View Post

    Amukamara, Wilson and JPP looked to have been made with some foresight on hand rather than just fulfill what was the most glaring need.
    Well Prince was a huge need on top of a good value.

    and you said "need has nothing to do with it." thats is what I was responding to.

    You can also make the argument that KP, Ross and Wilson were all huge need picks under Reese.

    so need is always part of the equation.

    But, it isnt worth arguing because we agree that Fluker isnt a good prospect at 19 , and he isnt a good fit for us. That is really what the thread is about.

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    You assume that the Giants don't consider Brewer the starting RT....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSanta View Post
    and you said "need has nothing to do with it." thats is what I was responding to.
    I wasn't talking about the whole draft apporach, but rather Fluker specifically. I conceded that RT was a need which is the point of emphasis of the OP, but that doesn't mean fitting any RT into the 19 slot, especially one that doesn't fit the Giants.

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    In that scenario me personally would run to podium to take cooper. Fluker would be my last pick there as value isn't. Woerner would Probally be the giants pick though.

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    I would take anyone besides fluker.. That pick would be a nightmare.

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