LOL, I know that sounds crazy. But hear me out.

Most QBs do not have the luxury of going, what, 9 seasons going on 10, without missing a game. It just dont happen.

The few times it has, its produced a guy like Favre.

Theoretically, Eli would own every passing stat including ints, if he were to play another 10 years out of sheer numbers/volume...kinda like Favre.

Now, I know every franchise wants a franchise QB, but they also want that franchise HoF all time great QB too. It raises the value of the franchise and makes it more storied. Ex. Babe Ruth and the Yanks, Michael Jordan and the Bulls, Favre and the Packers (even tho that Jets/Vikings spiel) you think that at some point, the FO has wondered about this topic?

If we could invest in an OL that ENSURES Eli gets touched minimally, he should be able to play for as long as possible...I don't see a reason he couldn't rival Favres streak in terms of physical ability. I know its crazy to think anyone hits favres mark and im not saying i think eli does im just saying i think his body could hold up were it needed to...

So, wouldnt it make sense then to invest in OL before anything else. Like, I'd make sure I'd give him a legit impenetrable wall...

crazy homer topic i know, its offseason...sue me.