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Eli doesn't take a lot of big hits. . He's not a guy who stands tall in the pocket. I just see a different player than you do.
Kids got many fine qualities but that's just not one of them. There is a little chuck and duck in both Mannings. I'm sure it contributes to their longevity which is fine with me. Maybe in the end it helps the team.
I'm not saying that he never waits for a guy to get open amid a pass rush, but I am saying its not his tendency.
Given our mediocre O line, Eli would have taken a lot more sacks if he does what you describe.
I see the chuck and duck too, but I don't see "chuck and duck" as being mutually exclusive with "waiting for the last second". Eli can and will throw it in obviously bad situations (much to our frustration), but he's still waiting until the end to actually do it. He just knows how to deal with a rusher about to hit him in such a way that he can take the hit with the least amount of physical punishment possible, which is good for his longevity...