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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    That's a massive need reach though if we were to take Fluker at 19th overall. You're not getting as good of a guy in the mid 1st when you let a superior prospect pass last year into the early 2nd. That's not good drafting imo.
    You can't judge this year's draft by last's. Last year Reese obviously saw the need to upgrade our RB position more than he saw the need to upgrade OL (much of the running game's lack of success had to do with Bradshaw himself), so he identified the best available prospect to fill that need (obviously Trent was off the table).

    If this year he sees OL as being a priority, then he'll draft accordingly.

    But, there is no point is saying that just because we passed on this guy last year who was a better prospect that means it'll be a reach to get this other guy at this spot this year. It isn't the most productive way to look at things. If that were the case, then almost every draft pick would be a reach and a waste.
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