Die Hard Giant Fan - Die Hard Rant!

I want to preface this rant with my Eli Manning support since day 1!!! Also I put out my full admission of riding the Coughlin roller coater but fully respected him after Strahons comments breakdown and especially his NFL special which put him on the highest of pedestals - yes a die hard gMan fan (who in a brutal market) needed his personal story shared on the nefl network to seal the coffin for me. While I wish he he would have retired this past year and allow the giants to hire a new coach i accept and embrace him as our starting coach 2013 season, especially since in my opinion last year giants could have made it to the superbowl and won but the only explanation in my opinion is getting lazy. A recent 2 time wining team is filled with UN-hungry team mates (on 1 and two wins) slacking off. Im hoping, since my long term giant experience was a roller coaster of playoffs and season upsets i welcome the recent success.

My main RANT... while i dont fault cruz for trying to get paid - I think he is gambling big time. Burress was removed form us after a humen error and hoped to return with major success. Had he returned to Eli he would have seen the promis land. He didn't.... Steve Smith wanted to get paid - no hard feelings - Eagles paid and the contract soared like an eagle. After his injury we wont see (which we did whitness for a period) his post Eli potential which was non existant with the great reborn VIck...... Im upset the Giants didnt hold Ballard and hope beckum will return. The Giants receiving core will be the best worst core in the league as will the running back setup...... It can go either way. Im frustrated Hixon may leave and while im confident cruz is a play on more funds which is respected receivers (which eli respecnts and understnads for great catch/throw stories to continue he needs to throw an aggressive ball into agressive coverage to a top level corner - long story short - all GIANTS top catches - past five years - while many will kick eli when down - whose stats are better? Which receivers fell off post eli pay day? I agree eli needs receivers but question the understanding of how receivers need to utilize eli! Shockey sucked post giants whining.... Steve smith sucked post giants whinning...... Cruz.....?