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    is there ANY chance we take cordarelle patterson with our 1st pick?

    now I'm not saying I want this to happen because WR is as far from a need as it can be, especially since cruz is most likely coming back. BUT I'm just wondering whether you guys think Reese would pull the trigger on him if he fell to us. imagine nicks and patterson on the outside with cruz in the slot...

    most likely we'll go a different route which I would prefer.

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    Probably not. Reese likes pass rushers and I would think he would go that route or a corner back if the right guy is there.

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    Not likely....

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    Rueben Randle becomes a second round backup. Let's forcibly turn him into Sinorice.

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    Reese is no dummy, he realizes WR is one of the most important positons a team like the giants can have when ur biggest investment is a QB who makes more money then anyone else on the team, and that is why he drafted steve smith in RD2, Hakeem Nicks in RD1, Jerrell Jerrnigan in RD3, and Rueben Randle in RD2.. With all that said, he all ready added Louis Murphy this offseason and as stated above, drafted tons of early rd WR's over the past several yrs, so even with the importantce of WR on our team, we pretty much got it covered..

    Absoulutley zero, and i mean less then zero chance Cordarelle Patterson ends up a giants..

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    I trust that Reese will take whomever is ranked highest on his board at 19. But I would be shocked and a little upset if he drafted a WR in Rd1. I think the trenches or CB is the 1st pick for the Giants.

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    If any player were drafted, i find Patterson the most intriguing. Guy is Randy Moss size, but runs like Barry Sanders, Devin Hester on PR/KR. An incredible talent. Though i believe we have more pressing needs, he's the rare Percy Harvin type player, just not a great route runner or hands. But that can improve and be worked on.

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    always a chance

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