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Just watch Alabama vs LSU to feel good about your side of the argument. There is a load of NFL talent on that LSU line and Fluker had no problems... even when facing Mingo (a first round speed rusher) on passing situations. I remember at the end of the game Alabama was in obvious passing situations because of the time and being down. If Fluker sucked so bad Mingo would have easily been flying right by him. Didn't happen. He pretty much owned Mingo whenever they faced off.

I'm not too concerned with the Michigan game. It was the first game of his junior year. I'm more concerned with how he developed.
Mingo is bad at 4-3 DE if you play him there exclusively. Some of the moves LSU does leaves me baffled and that's one of them. He's obviously more of a space guy and should be rushing the passer standing up outside of a more natural DE's outside shoulder. Being fair though, Fluker had a good game against him. Still don't think people are properly projecting him on how he is going to fare in an offense like this which features more 5 and 7 step dropbacks. The Gilbride offense would leave his weaknesses more exposed.