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    yup no more excuses now. my bet is Romo is going to call a good majority of his own plays now. history shows when Romo is running things himself(usually 2 minute drill), he seems to be "elite" to me. now sure yall gonna say he cant handle pressure. however i think he handled pressure great last season. total improvement on his part. lot of last seconds excitement cause of him. td's thrown as time expires(one against yall but the pinky thing), td's on 4th down at end of game and quite a few other brilliances. ALL under pressure. now that int against the skins at the end of the last game was a total screw up on his part but it wasnt due to pressure. he just plain out effed up on that play.
    now having said that, unless Dallas improves the O-line, there wont be to much difference. Murray wont find the holes forcing all that passing again. miles n dez staying healthy a must too.
    and the D going back to a 4-3 actually will be the best damn thing they did in a long time. ive always hated the 3-4 that parcells brought in. wished they would of gotten rid of it when parcells left....
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