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    Quote Originally Posted by AllHailEli View Post
    No, like he always does at his home turf against the Giants.
    The Giants have our number at our stadium, but I wouldn't say that Romo 'chokes' at the home stadium against New York. He's had two games with ugly stats but ultimately he either played well or got out of the way and gave his offense the best opportunity to win in the final moments in the 3 games he finished.

    1. 2009-- Cowboys drive the field with the ground game and score a td to take the lead with roughly 1-2 minutes remaining in the 4th.
    2. 2010-- Romo knocked out early, looked good up until that point.
    3. 2011-- 350 ish yards and 4 TDs. Missed Austin/Austin lost ball in lights, but drove the Cowboys back down the field in under a minute to put team in FG position-- first FG is good, JPP blocked the 2nd attempt.
    4. 2012-- Pinky on the line

    But I mean, hell, he could choke in the home opener. He's got it in him.
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