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How many Giants either have restructured their contracts for the good of the team, or have offered to. Eli and His wife finances a 10 million dollar birthing center. He and Peyton filled a jumbo jet full of supplies and had it flown down to New Orleans. I don't seem to recall Revis doing anything to help anyone but Himself.He is a millionaire coming off a fat contract. He could have told the Jets He loves playing in NY, and would even take a paycut to stay on the team. ( And He still would have had a fat contract paying him millions ).
Do you know what restructuring means? Only 3 players genuinely shed salary in the past 3 years for the Giants. Diehl twice, Jacobs and now Webster. Restructuring usually means converting a base salary into guaranteed cash, which in itself is favorable to the player as they not only get paid upfront, but it makes it harder to cut or release. They don't lose any money.

Besides, it's a pretentious notion to speak for Revis or use Eli as a comparison to be validated. The topic on hand is Bucs pursuing Revis. They have the cap to do so, need a cornerback and are pursuing the best on the market.