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    Might as well start the drive right now!

    I can see it now. Game 16 a home game. Never have to leave Jersey after game 15 when we beat Washington away to lock it up. Defend the home for the rest of the way, including the SB of course.
    A nice nor'easter SB sunday. Corporate seats empty..us Giant fans lucky enough to get seats by lottery hunkered down together in snow that miraculously turns a shade of blue as it pelts the Lombardi trophy while Eli hoists it up high into the 50 mile an hour winds.

    Whoa...and I haven't even started drinking yet...

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    I really feel like ELI should ascend into heaven after the SB.

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    To be honest, I'd feel better playing on the road. We wear the road warrior title very well.

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    Thanks for the great imagery-I needed a smile today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGFan84 View Post
    To be honest, I'd feel better playing on the road. We wear the road warrior title very well.
    Plus we would be slated to techncially be the away team this year for the SB. I had thought, when i first heard about hosting a SB in giants stadium, that it coudl be a giants-jets game. Then the jets reverted to their sucking ways...

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    I can already see it too. +1
    2014 Mock Draft 3.0

    Round, Position, Player, School

    1) TE, Eric Ebron, UNC
    2) DT/DE, Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame
    3) WR, Jarvis Landry, LSU
    4) DE, Will Clarke, West Virginia
    5) C, Tyler Larsen, Utah State
    5) RB, Storm Johnson, UCF (Compensatory)
    6) OT, Seantrel Henderson, Miami (Prediction)
    UDFA- OLB, Boseko Lokombo, Oregon

    With the 12th pick overall,
    the New York Giants select...
    Eric Ebron, Tight End, University of North Carolina

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    I totally pictured that through my mind! Haha that would be awesome. Only thing is if we are hosting the Superbowl we would wear our whites, which is a good thing :-)

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    It's Easter weekend. It's spring and the sun is finally starting to shine, so I guess a lot of must be intoxicated right now. It's a nice contrast compared to the stuff people will be posting around October.

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