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Thread: Perfect Draft?

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    1. Rhodes or Ziggy or olgetree 2. Tank, if no Ziggy 3. Slay4. Winters5. D. Taylor6. Lattimore7. TJ Johnson, bc I h8 Bass
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    Arthur Brown
    Barrett Jones
    Logan Ryan
    Chris Faulk
    Earl Wolff
    Denard Robinson

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    Wreh wilson
    Sio moore

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    1. Chance Warmack- G/Alabama
    2. Sio Moore- LB/UConn
    3. Baccari Rambo- S/Georgia
    4. Devin Taylor- DE/SC
    5. Brandon McGee- CB/Miami
    6. Kwame Geathers- DT/Georgia
    7.Ray Graham RB/Pitt
    7. Jake Stoneburner TE/OSU
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    Holy crap I thought jets fans were the stoners!! So glad I only have to worry bout Reese. Some of you guys scare me, as I'm sure I do you. Lol
    2017 Draft Wishlist:
    1. Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
    2. Raekwon McMillan ILB Ohio State
    3. Roderick Johnson OT Florida State
    4. Jordan Leggett TE Clemson
    5. Ryan Glasgow DT Michegan
    6. Chad Kelly QB Ole Miss
    7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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    1 any1 that falls preferably werner rhodes warmack cooper or lane johnson or lutoleli
    2 tank carradine or arthur brown or menelik watson
    3 any else that falls thats bpa in OL or defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAussieGiant View Post
    the perfect draft is all about if BPA and need happen to lineup for us. We can only hope.
    obviously each team has diffrent take on who BPA is.. Woulden't it just of been easier to do what hte OP asked, or ignore the thread? No dissrespect, i just don't know why people can't just do what the thread asks is all..

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    I have to do one more becuase theres more then one perfect draft to me...

    My first one was this(on first page)
    1. Bjorn Werner DE Fla St
    2. Khaseem Greene LB Rut
    3. Jordan Poyer CB Org St.
    4. Brian Winters G/T Kent St
    5. Marcus Lattimore RB S.Car
    6. Marquees Wilson WR Wash St
    7. TJ Johnson C S.Car
    7. Zach Sudfeld TE Nevada

    1. Ezekiahl Ansah DE BYU(super long shot, and this would be absoulute as far as he would drop but it is perfect draft to yourself)
    2. Kawaan Short DT Purdue
    3. Sio Moore OLB UCONN
    4. Brennan Williams OT North Carolina
    5. Tharold Simon CB LSU
    6. Josh Boyce WR TCU
    7. Kerwynn Williams RB Utah St.
    7. PJ Lonergan C LSU

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    Tank Carradine in the 1st and Barrett Jones in the 2nd.

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