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Thread: 3-Round Mock Draft: All 32 Teams

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    If you made a 4th Round, Devin Taylor should be the DE selection
    I'm a fan of Devin Taylor. My ideal mock would include him in the fourth. I think he's the classic Reese pick. A guy who has flashed talent and has a high ceiling but is a little on the raw side. I've noticed and have read others people's views on Reese's draft strategy and it seems to be this. Reese loves a guy with a high ceiling over a guy with a high floor. If you have two players and one of them is very polished and going to be a solid player but he's not going to get much better then what he is now, and then you have another player who has the talent to be a great player but he's raw and might not reach that potential, Reese is picking the latter every time.

    And its lucky that other GMs don't feel that way. If the Giants are to be believed then their big boards would have Jason Pierre-Paul over Brandon Graham, David Wilson over Doug Martin etc. The Giants just seem to favor that guy with the high upside, rather then the guy who is more polished.

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    Taylor ain't falling to the 4th. 3rd at most.

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