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    Whats the reason behind cruz's new touchdown celebration?

    With all the cruz threads going on, I told myself i would refrain from making a cruz thread this off season. But i cant help it.

    I noticed at the end of cruz's salsa, he started putting up the same sign jay z does. anyone know what this sign means or why he does it?
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    I think he is endorsed in someway or tied to Jay Z. Also, when he makes the symbol with his hands, his gloves make the NY of the New York Giants.

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    Also could be making an "A" for Abuela, tribute to his late grandmother


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    Everyone thinks it's the Rocafella logo, but when he puts his hands like that, you see the NY on his gloves. Just my take.
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    I know nothing of what Jay-Z does with his hands. I just always thought he was doing the "NY Giants" symbol with his hands.
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    i thought he started doing it just after his grandmothers death, i thought it was a tribute to her

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    Yes, Lebron does this too. It has something to do with being endorsed by Jay-Z. Jay just signed Robinson Cano to his umbrella company "RocNation Sports".. Cruz could be the next athlete to join this Sports Management Company along with other high profile athletes.

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    its the illuminati symbol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cken View Post
    Also could be making an "A" for Abuela, tribute to his late grandmother
    This seems like the most logical answer.

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