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    "Terrell Owens would welcome move to Chicago Bears".........

    ........or any other team.....in any league.......that would give him the time of day.

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    it's over TO..

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    Not much room for 39 year-old receivers, unfortunately. He couldn't even crack the starting lineup of a Seattle team with an underpowered receiving corp.

    He has to move on.

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    It's funny I heard him say him and Brandon Marshall would make a solid duo. He's talking like the Bears don't have receivers right now. Alshon Jeffery and Earl Bennett (slot) are not taking a back seat to TO at this point in his career. Hate to break that to him....

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    Not to mention they have the Unicorn who can catch passes too...

    Insanity, with "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background, accumulated the highest point total this week and beat Hakeem Nicks 137.95 - 100.75, overcoming an 18.22-point spread.

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    No offense, TO, but it is time for the popcorn and a soft chair. Your charm is just too demanding to fit in locker rooms.

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    I think the Giants need a veteran presence in the locker room. He can help Cruz grow up and move on from this contract funk...

    *I dont think red is necessary for something this sarcastic.

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