Interesting that nobody has brought this up.....

Giants will enter 2013 with the following skill position players

QB - Eli Manning

RB - David Wilson / Andre Brown

WR - Hakeem Nicks / Victor Cruz / Rueben Randle / Louis Murphy

TE - Brandon Myers / Adrien Robinson

You can't name a single year in this team's history with a more complete set of weapons on offense.

You've got a franchise QB in his prime, an explosive speed back, a downhill power back, FOUR deep threats at WR (one of which is the most dynamic slot receiver), a reliable sure-handed TE who works the zones, and a big athletic "blocking" TE (for now). Even the 4 WRs offer different skill sets that compliment each other well (Nicks/Randle run the entire route tree on the outside, Cruz in the slot, Murphy as the "knife")

It's not a stretch at all to say we should average 31-33 points a game this season. In fact we should lead the league in points per game. Look around the NFL. Who has better offensive skill players than us?