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It was a privilege seeing how that defense went after the QB and how they stopped the run. They played with a mean streak and with reckless abandon. Only God knows how much I miss those days of glory.
+1. For younger fans who never saw the Giants of the '80s play, they'd probably think that we were exaggerating when talking about those guys, but they lived up to the hype.

I appreciate and respect the recent Giants teams that won SB's 42 & 46, but they don't have what the teams of the 80's had and that is an absolute hatred of losing -- their personality really did match that of Parcells. Execution was excellent and they played with a disciplined intensity -- always up for a game and no stupid penalties. The O was very efficient with Simms, Bavaro, Manuel, a great running game and o-line, and just that ferocious D that made it enjoyable to sit back and watch opposing O's knock their heads against and lose. Man, I really miss the 3-4 D.