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the 1 issue with this is that ss12 107 reception year, he had nicks across him drawing attention. and something like 40 or 50 maybe even more of his receptions that year came from the slot.

and d.thomas looks like hes gonna be a great wr, even if he is better, thats still 1 wr outta 1000. i know u used him as an example, and also know u dont rank nicks near top 5 when healthy, so lets just go ahead and u list the wr's better than nicks...clear cut better. id figure u could list maybe 10 wrs before the lst started to look moronic...which makes the "average" term used to describe nicks comical
nicks was a rookie so he wasnt getting that much attention. as a matter a fact i wouldnt be surprised if manningham got more attention that year. and ive listed countless times who i think are better. I think nicks is a top 10 receiver playing under a really good quarterback.