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Thread: tradee cruz

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-Men Surg. View Post
    You can't trade someone if he isn't under contract. And with all due respect thank God you're not Reese.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmenfan0488 View Post
    The ingrate clearly wants at least 10 million a year, he isn't worth it. Let's just cut our losses now, we offered him a VERY nice contract, but that's not good enough for him. The guy wouldn't even be in the NFL if it weren't for the Giants, and this is how he repays us? If I was reese, I'd release him
    the only ingrates are the fans who think cruz owes the giants anything. this is a business, the same business that would ask him to restructure or be cut if the production dropped. if he wants more guaranteed money he be all means should go for it. the amount per year is mere window dressing it is all about the guaranteed money. some other team would have found him, to think that would not have happened is stupid. he repayed us with a second Superbowl ring in 5 years, something they would not have won with out him. he only has so many years in the NFL so how can you fault the guy for getting every penny he feels he is worth? cruz has greatly outplayed his contract playing for basically chump change while producing at an all pro level and never complaining one bit about it. If it weren't for the 1st round pick attached to him he would be long gone and with more guaranteed money than the giants are willing to offer.
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