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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoneroses6300 View Post
    In my lifetime, without a doubt it's No Gain Dayne.
    @ Wisconsin, he was able to really follow his blockers kind of pin ball off of them. Don't know why he failed with the Giants..Couldn't be this Ron Dayne could it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by amukamerica View Post
    cedric jones the one eye wonder!
    William Joseph DT was an absolute bust!!!!

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    Dave Brown was probably the BIGGEST GIANTS DRAFT BUST I can remember. Dayne on the other hand was a Bust but IMOVHO he was NEVER UTILIZED in the correct way. Yes Ron Dayne was a BIG MAN and he looked like the type of running back that could bulldoze his way to open day light, but to the contrary he wasn't that type of Back. Fassel wanted Dayne to get the tough yards the 3rd and 1 first down against a Goal Line Defense the 1/2 yard Touchdown and every defense knew he was getting the ball. Yes Dayne looked like he could do that but he didn't have the Strength to do that. He was a Big Man with not so big strength. If you really look at his college film he was a finesse runner in a Jerome Bettis body. For his size he was FAST and he had great reflexes. In normal Running Back situations you know when there is a hole to run through, he would hit the hole raise his head and make 1 to 2 guys miss and he woud be gone. He wasn't and never could be the BRUISING BACK The Giants and Fasell thought he could be. After leaving The Giants and having his body beat to **** and basically was done because he took the hits (ALOT OF THEM) he still managed to have a pretty descent (NOT GREAT DESCENT) couple of years in Oakland

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenZone View Post
    Interesting article:


    with pictures. All these happened pre-Reese (as GM).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoneroses6300 View Post
    In my lifetime, without a doubt it's No Gain Dayne.
    No way -- Dayne's 1st season wasn't that bad. At least he had SOME production.

    I'd say Cedric Jones -- just down right horrible. Or a WR in the '90s named Thomas Lewis. Or Jarrod Bunch. Talk about absolutely nothing for 1st round picks.

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    Si no rice Moss... Run Dowyn.... Clint Splinter.... Dave Brownie...
    Spin that Webb young Davis

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    I remember being pretty upset about Ron dayne and Danny kannell

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichGiants81 View Post
    I remember being pretty upset about Ron dayne and Danny kannell
    Why would you be upset about Kannell? He was a 4th RD draft pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titwio View Post
    Dave Brown, Tyrone Wheatly and Ron Dayne are names I remember. Sorry can't click the bleacherreport link (doesn't work on my computer).
    You are better off not being able to click through. Wheatley was a major bust for sure. Dave Brown, a QB from Duke............what would you expect and Dayne the guy with the smallest heart of any running back I've seen on the Giants. That is a solid 3 pack right there.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    William Joseph, I poo poo him

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