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    Any Former Giants Successful?

    So I've been thinking about this and I can't seem to recall anyone. Ever since the 2007 season, has there ever been a solid Giants player, besides Barry Cofield and maybe Fred Robbins, who left the organization to go to another team, and has been successful? And I don't mean won a Super Bowl with them. I mean, getting playing time, putting up solid stats, contributing to the team, etc. Don't mention guys like James Butler and Sinorice Moss, who either didn't do anything with us or who sucked while playing.

    Gibril Wilson - Signed a monster contract with Oakland (RIP Al Davis) and got cut in what? Two years? Went to the Dolphins for a year. Got cut, and now is either out of the league or back end of someone's depth chart.

    Kawika Mitchell - Went to the Bills for a season or two. Haven't heard about him since.

    Derrick Ward - Went to the Bucs. Never became the top dog, got cut after a few seasons. Think he signed on with another team for a year or two. Haven't heard about him since.

    Jeremy Shockey - Talked himself off the Giants. Didn't do much when with the Saints. Put up half decent numbers I guess. Won a Super Bowl with them so it was't all bad. Got cut, signed with the Panthers. Nothing came of it. Haven't heard from him since.

    Steve Smith - Signed with the Eagles. Tried to come back from his injury to soon. Hasn't done crap with the Eagles or the Rams. Recently just signed with the Bucs. Hopefully he does something and can revive his career.

    DJ Ware - Had a few solid seasons for the Giants. Went to the Bucs, just got released.

    Brandon Jacobs - Love the dude and all he did for us. Went to the 49ers. Barely played the entire season and was suspended by the team for the last few games.

    I think current players should look at these guys as valuable lessons. Yeah the money might be greener, but that is all that's greener on the other side. Besides the few guys who signed one year deals, none of these guys have lived out their contracts.

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    This gets brought up all the time, who cares?
    I'm worried about the guys that are currently on the team...
    But to the topic, clearly there's a combo, we make guys better than they actually are & we don't let our great players walk.....Either they're old,banged up,or easily replaceable...
    Cofield stung a bit, I believe deserved cantys contract.....
    Bradshaw & Phillips, these were clearly for health reasons & having new blood on the roster....but if either of these guys can stay healthy for the years ahead, we're never going to hear the end of it around here because they're both still young and are great talents

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    Since 2007 no one comes to mind that was successful after they left...though Manningham is still up in the air. He was contributing until his injury. Prior to that there were guys like Jurevicius(Super Bowl in Tampa), Ed Mccaffrey(best years in Denver), etc. who were solid members of where they went to.

    Not sure I would include a guy like Kawika Mitchell since he was pretty much a one year loan from the Chiefs.
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    Gibril was with the Bengals in 2011 as a backup, started 1 game, had 33 tackles and 1 Force Fumble. He was not resigned.

    It looks like Mitchell played 1 game with the Saints in 2010.

    Ward was with the Texans from 2010 to 2011, he played in 28 games and started 1, recorded 95 caries for 469 yards and 6 TDs.

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    Shockey and Cofield.

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    What has Cofield done since he left?

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    I'll be rooting for Osi and Hixon.
    Assign infractions here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    What has Cofield done since he left?
    He's been a good NT for Washington.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post
    I'll be rooting for Osi and Hixon.
    + 1

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    Goonies never say die
    Cameron Wake
    Ryan Clark
    Jonas Seawright... I heard they named a star after him that has the strongest gravitational pull in known existance.
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    Spin that Webb young Davis

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