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    Giants biggest draft choice busts

    Interesting article:


    with pictures. All these happened pre-Reese (as GM).

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    names we'd like to forget

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    cedric jones the one eye wonder!

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    I thought I'd see Clint Sintim at least mentioned.

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    Kanavis, now thats a name from the past. That been said Kanavis had HIGH expectations. High, get it.
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    William Joseph who will probably be followed by fellow DT Marvin Austin.

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    Dave Brown, Tyrone Wheatly and Ron Dayne are names I remember. Sorry can't click the bleacherreport link (doesn't work on my computer).
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    In my lifetime, without a doubt it's No Gain Dayne.

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    Dave Brown, yeah... Guy played with a lot of heart, but just wasn't that good. I hear he's a moderately successful corporate executive in the investment industry now though, and in fact he was brought in to Lehman Brothers in the wake of their colossal subprime disaster to try and help clean things up...

    Honorable mention: Matt Dodge. Yeah he was a 7th rounder, but we've had 7th rounders play well enough to at least be rotational fairly quickly, like Jacquian Williams and Markus Kuhn. Dodge was just a colossal failure, and not worth any draft pick at all...

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