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Thread: NYG free Agent status as of April, 5th 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKAnt14 View Post
    Great info, thanks. What are the chances we get Locklear and, potentially, Bernard back?
    Probably won't bring back Rocky unless we get a rash of injuries at the position. With Jenkins and Patterson in the fold, we're loaded at DT.

    Hopefully we can get Locklear, but I don't know with the cap issues we have. Personally I would have cut Diehl to pick up Locklear, but that was before Diehl took a massive pay cut to the point where he's not actually overpaid anymore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELI_HOF_NYG View Post
    I think it's gonna be CB or DE and a defense heavy draft to boot,,,I cant see it being an OL at 19 unless one of joeckel or fisher drops. there is lots of OL value in the later rounds and thats where Jerry strikes in regards to the OL.
    At this moment its a pipe dream hoping Joeckel or Fisher dropping. That been said I would love the scenario of Lane Jonhson sliding, yep, another pipe dream, doesn't hurt to dream. If Milliner and Rhodes are gone by the time Big Blue turn comes I really don't see them picking a CB. DE? That's another story, I do see the scenario of a DE sliding all the way to Resse's lap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G-Men Surg. View Post
    Well, can't say anymore its a dull offseason . By the way our roster its starting to shape up it seems like the competition during training camp is going to be awesome.
    agreed.. Its making for a wonderful competiton.. Also we've really taken care of may positons where we can really focus on some specific spots come draft time, like RT and/or G, as well as DE and LB on defense...

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