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Thread: Regular Season Schedule Releasing 4/16

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    1-Philadelphia Eagles
    2-San Diego Chargers
    3-Carolina Panthers
    4-Oakland Raiders
    5-Dallas Cowboys
    6-Washington Redskins
    7-Minnesota Vikings
    8-Kansas City Chiefs
    9-Philadelphia Eagles
    10-Detroit Lions
    11-Seattle Seahawks
    12-Denver Broncos
    13-Chicago Bears
    14-Dallas Cowboys
    15-Green Bay Packers
    16-Washington Redskins

    Here is my guess.... Bold are home games.

    Obviously I have no idea, but I figure we will have most our tougher games in the back half, as always.
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    PreSeason schedule.
    @ Pitt
    @ NE


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    My guess plus the times:

    1- Denver 8:20 (SNF)
    2- at San Diego 4:05
    3- Philadelphia 1:00
    4- at Chicago 1:00
    5- at Dallas 8:30 (MNF)
    6- Minnesota 1:00
    7- at Kansas City 8:20 (Thursday Night)
    8- Dallas 4:25
    9- BYE
    10- Seattle 8:30 (MNF)
    11- Green Bay 4:25
    12- at Carolina 1:00
    13- Washington 8:20 (SNF)
    14- at Detroit 1:00
    15- at Philadelphia 4:25
    16- Oakland 1:00
    17- at Washington 1:00

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    Im not even going to predict anything....usually the games I think will be easy are the ones we get killed and the games I think will be tough end up being the easiest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overdrive92 View Post
    From the Ravens website:

    It appears the NFL will release the 2013 regular-season schedule in 12 days, on Tuesday April 16 at 8:00PM. I always look forward to seeing our schedule, one of the most exciting parts of the offseason to me.

    Our opponents once again:

    Dallas Cowboys
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Washington Redskins
    Green Bay Packers
    Minnesota Vikings
    Seattle Seahawks
    Denver Broncos
    Oakland Raiders

    Dallas Cowboys
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Washington Redskins
    Chicago Bears
    Detroit Lions
    Carolina Panthers
    Kansas City Chiefs
    San Diego Chargers

    $10 says we open the season on Sunday Night Football against big brother Peyton.
    My two cents ? we open on the road against Philty.
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