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The guys saying "let him walk" are funny. This is his one shot at a lifetime security type contract, you can bet he's going to leverage for every extra penny. The NFL is a business after all it's said and done.

If I was him and saw what Bowe was making, you can bet I'd ask for close to that if not more. Cruz turned the SB winning season around in that Jets game, not to mention getting squarely in Belichick's head in the big game, allowing Nicks and Mario to do their things. What in the world has Bowe ever done?
I bet you wont find it funny if the Giants sign this guy to his alleged $10+ mil a year deal, and in the next few years, have to cut a ton of other people at other positions because they're over the cap. I absolutely believe that he has earned a much bigger contract than what he's been playing for in recent years. However, it doesn't mean I want the Giants to play sucker to him and his agents as they bury themselves into cap hell in the forseeable future. Let some other team pay him if those are the numbers he's demanding. The Giants have far more pressing issues, with Nicks' contract up next season, and JPP not long after.