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Thread: Lets go Orange!!

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    GO ORANGE!!!!
    "When I was 15, I could not believe how dumb my father was.....when I was 25, I could not believe how much he had learned in 10 years"

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    They screwed that up in the end. Down 2 with 25 to go and Triche doesn't hold.for last shot, offensive foul. Then down 3 with 12 to go and Cooney drives for a wild layup.... Never even tried to tie it. I at least like to see that final shot. Bad job Cuse.
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    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    Michigan beat Cuse at their own game. The only difference was, Michigan got a ton of help from their bench in the form of 3 point shooters. Cuse hasn't had that all season, and it killed them last night.

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