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    warmack or cooper?

    Who do you think will be better in the nfl and why? I think either player would be great value in the 1st and also fill a need. It's very unlikely they are both there but I could see one of them falling.

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    A lot of people are jumping on Cooper because he's the better measurables guy and all but not me. Warmack is just what he is. He's country strong and just a solid football player. I wouldn't mind if the Giants took Cooper if he slid but not over Warmack. Warmack IMO is just the better overall player. He needs more refining in his pass pro but he's a road grader in the run and is the guy I'd have no problem taking if both were available.

    I think Chance has the better overall career.
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    To me Warmack is not only the better guard but is 1 of the top prospects in the entire draft.

    I mean no disrespect to Cooper, but Warmack is the best guard to come out in years.

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    I like Cooper's ability to play center.. but I'd be really happy with either

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    Warmack will be gone and Cooper will likely get drafted by the Cowboys, I would love to have either of them though.

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    I think I like Cooper, who many believe operates in tight spaces better (they credit his wrestling background). Is also quick and can get to the second level and handle an ILB. Both have great potential and both would be great additions to any team....

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    Warmack. He's the naturally bigger/ more powerful player and that's what I value most in guards. Its nice that Cooper is agile for the pulls, but Warmack can do that just fine while also having the raw power to rag doll his opponent off the line of scrimmage and help move the chains with consistency.

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    Cooper. I think he has the edge because of his versatility, which is a major plus for our (really any) OL lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keyofgmen View Post
    Cooper. I think he has the edge because of his versatility, which is a major plus for our (really any) OL lately.
    Whose to say Warmack doesn't have the same versatility. He could easily learn to play center while also having the ability to kick out wide to RT with his arm length (34 3/4)...Something Cooper probably couldn't do with his 33's

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    Just throwing this out there Chance is 21, and cooper is 23.

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