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    Need help with custom madden covers please

    I ve been here for years on this forum,and many people know im not a 'tech' guy.Im trying to make a custom madden cover and having trouble.My pc is dying,and cant afford a new one yet.Some programs dont work for me or freeze up my pc.Is there a easy way to make a custom madden cover>? I was praying there was a site that can make them,like those memes or demotovational posters or imageshack pages.Can anyone help? Any help would be very appreciated.
    Im not doing a NY gaints cover,its more of a personal joke.I wanted to make a cusotm madden cover with a bartender friend of mine on the cover.Shes sweet,and loves us.We see her every sunday for nfl football.Shes a die hard Giants fan,and i just bought her newborn son a baby giants outift,booties,hat,bottle and all.She saved my @ss a few times,and always there for us.
    I wanted to make one for her,or maybe i could ask someone to make me one with her picture if it wasnt too hard or difficult to do.
    '"Respect All,Fear none'''

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    damn,anyone?? come on big blue nation please help a fellow fan out.
    '"Respect All,Fear none'''

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    Yeah sure, send the pic and give me an idea of how you want it to look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    Yeah sure, send the pic and give me an idea of how you want it to look.
    wow thank you,thank you.i ll send you the picture,greatly appreciate this.
    '"Respect All,Fear none'''

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