I ve been here for years on this forum,and many people know im not a 'tech' guy.Im trying to make a custom madden cover and having trouble.My pc is dying,and cant afford a new one yet.Some programs dont work for me or freeze up my pc.Is there a easy way to make a custom madden cover>? I was praying there was a site that can make them,like those memes or demotovational posters or imageshack pages.Can anyone help? Any help would be very appreciated.
Im not doing a NY gaints cover,its more of a personal joke.I wanted to make a cusotm madden cover with a bartender friend of mine on the cover.Shes sweet,and loves us.We see her every sunday for nfl football.Shes a die hard Giants fan,and i just bought her newborn son a baby giants outift,booties,hat,bottle and all.She saved my @ss a few times,and always there for us.
I wanted to make one for her,or maybe i could ask someone to make me one with her picture if it wasnt too hard or difficult to do.