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I seem to recall a very talented RB named Tiki Barber who was a fumbling machine learning to not be one through coaching.

Call me the eternal optimist, but I believe people can learn and improve. Cruz has had pretty good positive numbers for the two years he's played. He has been Eli's most productive receiver. Imagine if he can cut his drops in half?

Not uncoachable with the qualifier "per se" = uncoachable
pretty good? cruz's 2 yr statistical output is amazing when really studied. i think most of us, I know I did, kinda forgot/dismissed just how much success he has had from a statistical viewpoint. Now I know the merits of stats and their importance can be debated for eternity. I merely mean in a "compare Cruz's numbers to other wr's in the league and see who he stacks up against", not in a how the stats were achieved mindset, but just solely the #s...damn impressive, doubt we see another 2 yrs like that from a giants wr ever again...