Michael Hill RB Missouri Western State, he is a small school guy obviously but he definitely shows some major skills. He does not have top speed but he runs hard, can catch well, blocks well, and he has a nasty stiff arm. He is an interesting player I think. He could be a nice pick in the 7th possibly or maybe even an UDFA. I heard that the Packers have brought him in for a visit but that is all I have heard for buzz around him really.


anders Commings CB Georgia, I am not sure why this guy is not rated higher. He has really good ball skills from what I have seen and I think that he is pretty good at tackling. I have not seen enough of full games of him to make an assessment on his tackling skills. Regardless I have not seen this guys name that high at all. I am seeing him projected like 6th round on quite a few sites which is really surprising to me because he looks like his game is very nice.


will add to to list on here as I find more I just wanted to share these guys and get your opinions on them. Sanders Commings I am sure some of you have heard of so maybe you guys can give me a little more insight about him.