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    2013 NFL Draft: Manti Te'o, Giants Meet


    Excerpt: Manti Te'o met with the New York Giants on Thursday,according to a report from Eric Hansen of Notre Dame Insider.

    Despite the whirlwind of talk about Te'o, from the girlfriend hoax to his less-than-stellar performance at the Scouting Combine, several draft analysts still consider Te'o to be a player who could be in consideration for the Giants at No. 19, and who could be drafted by the Giants or any team after that interested in a linebacker." Read more...
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    Would be a value pick ... him and his imaginary friend for the price of one.

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    The hoax thing doesnt bother me at all and the Combine doesnt matter much to me either. What eats me up with Teo is his performance, or lack there of, in the championship. He was getting tooled around the whole game. Im not sure if he is to blame completely for his performance though, because the whole team got chewed up. He was a beast all season, but that game was just a huge disappointment. If not for that, Id have no complains with the pick. How do others feel?
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    I'd gladly take him in the 2nd..

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    I would be fine with taking him in the second

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    I agree that he's more intriguing as a 2nd round pick.

    I'd still prefer Brown over him though.

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    He fits the mold of a MLB over the likes of Ogletree or Greene. But he can't shed blocks and is sluggish. That bama' game threw up huge red flags to me.

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    His imaginary girlfriend is hot....from what I've heard.
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    I'd rather trade back in RD1 and take em.. He played like a RD1 LB all season except for that championship game, and i'm not discounting that for one game, no matter the game.. Also, i think i'd rather a guy go through what he went through now, because u know damn well, he isn't let anything crazy to happen like that, with everything he had to deal with...

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    He can make a good tackle, but I heard his girlfreind is better at getting a sack!......or maybe it was that I heard she was good in the sack?!?

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