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    Quote Originally Posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
    Why do you think its cool to be such a condescending ***** to people?
    Seriously you have to stop stalking me dude.

    I don't love you. I don't even like you.

    It's creepy.

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    I think the only chance we would trade up to the number 12 slot is if a pass rusher or top cornerback falls like ansah or rhodes,

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    People want to trade up for a guard? Jesus Christ.

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    We don't fit the mold of a team that would trade up. The only way I see it happening is if Reese was absolutely in love with a guy like Ansah.

    Our team is getting old. Our team has some key players who are on the rapid decline. We have as many if not more holes than we have had in a long time. Next year we have multiple talented other young players coming to contract who we may needs replacements for in a year.

    We need a lot of picks to fill not only our current holes but the potential holes that could come up next year.

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    But the Dolphins desperately need a CB. Why would they trade down if the OT's are off the board? I think they're a lock to take Rhodes or Trufant there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
    I agree that if Warmack or Ansah are there, its at least worth considering.
    And Lane for that matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruunch View Post
    Who would we be targeting to trade up for?

    I don't see anyone worth giving up draft picks to move up 7 spots in the first. Maybe at the time of the pick for Ansah (if available) or Rhodes (if we have him rated that high)?

    Highly doubtful though, given our history with draft day trades.
    not a chance I would trade up for either of those guys. I would trade back before that based purely on value if nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliManningUp View Post
    League sources believe the Dolphins may actually trade back from No. 12 in the draft if the tackle trio of Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson is already off the board.
    The persistent buzz has been that the Dolphins are plotting an aggressive move up, but they're apparently willing to "trade back to take advantage of a deep draft." We still think a move up is more likely than down, but the Dolphins could target Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert if they move back a few picks. The Dolphins have a huge hole at tight end, and are said to "appreciate" the draft's consensus top TE. Apr 12 - 10:56 AM


    It makes sense for the Dolphins to trade back to 19 to take either Eifert or Fluker if the top 3 OTs are off the board. TE and OT are huge needs for them and 19 is better value for Eifert/Fluker

    Do you think it's a good idea to trade up to 12 and take Xavier Rhodes or Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper? What would it take to jump from 19 to 12?
    Rotoworld mentions nothing about the Giants being a trade partner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imgrate View Post
    People want to trade up for a guard? Jesus Christ.
    Yeah i dont see that happening. Thats a 2nd round pick. I would do it for Mingo thats about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imgrate View Post
    People want to trade up for a guard? Jesus Christ.

    For the best guard prospect to ever come out of college? Absolutely.

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