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    2015 NFL Draft order: Giants fall out of top 10 with latest victory


    Excerpt: "The Giants' three-game winning streak has coincided with a plummet down the draft board, which is good news if you're big on moral victories, bad news if you were looking forward to the team having a top 10 draft pick next spring.

    With their 37-27 victory over the Rams giving them six wins on the season, the Giants (6-9) have now fallen from having the eighth pick in the draft to the eleventh pick, with the potential to drop even further if they pull off a victory against the Philadelphia Eagles next week.

    With the talent pool expected to be considerably more shallow than last year, the difference between those two picks could be huge, and if the Giants fall to the middle of the first round, they might not find the kind of impact player that the team would like." Read more...
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    Amazing that we're still ahead of the Rams in the pecking order, after beating them yesterday, and now having identical records with them (6-9). Thank God for Strength Of Schedule holding a lot of weight!

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